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Welcome to our new website and our beautiful re-branding transformation!

We are all part of an 'extended' family for our kids at the orphanages and for each other.  Our love for the children binds us together in thought and action and it is amazing to see how our community of supporters is viewed by others observing what we do. The process of changing the logo was sometimes hard. After more than 20 years using our previous logo, there was a very strong emotional connection to it, however, when Artist Ali Sabet presented us with his interpretation of what Corazon de Vida represents in the form of a logo, we fell in love with it!  Here is what Ali had to say about his inspiration for the design:

"Inspired by love and authentic compassion, the lines and heart were manifested to convey trust, passion, relevance and community. They were created with a brush, ink and paper to allow the children to see themselves in the identity. Because if it represents them it should be a reflection of them. I wanted to make sure that every child that is under the wings of Corazon De Vida could draw our symbol of love.”


The logo theme is “Child Within”. It is a hand-drawn open circles and heart, using the green and red as main colors (like in our previous logo) but softened a bit. The simplicity of the design is beautiful, clean and represents children; heart, love, growth, openness; excitement, wholeness and family.

Follow the talented Ali Sabet, Founder / Creative Director, Sabet Brands + Pixopop on his social media channels:
twitter @sabet
instagram @sabet and @pixopop

At Corazón de Vida, we are FAMILY!