WHERE ARE THEY NOW? Charlie - A Life Full of Possibilities Posted on 1 Mar 12:35 , 0 comments

Hi, my name is Charlie. This is my story. I arrived at an orphanage at the age of 10. My mother abandoned us and my father went to jail, and there was no other family member to take care of me and my siblings. The orphanage where I lived made sure I received an education, but I always longed for a parental figure I could approach with anything. 

Once I aged out of the orphanage I decided to attend university and look after myself. A few years later, I met Corazon de Vida through an American I met at the orphanage where I lived for several years. CDV heard my story and offered their support during my 2nd semester, and from there on they supported me for the rest of my educational pursuit. They helped me continue with my goal of becoming an engineer. I graduated with a degree in Software Development Engineering. I’ve loved computers since I was a child and it is something that I am passionate about to this day. 

My journey has brought about my independence. I am very focused on growing my career and job opportunities. I currently work as an Infrastructure Analyst in the IT department at Medtronic. In my free time I enjoy gaming with friends and watching TV series. 

To the donors, I appreciate all the support you have given me over the years. Thanks to you I was able to achieve my dream of finishing school, and now I have a career that I love. Thank you!

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