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Hello, my name is Isac, this is my story. I arrived at Casa Hogar El Faro in Tijuana at the age of 9 due to financial problems in my family. That same year I met Corazon de Vida, during their visit to our orphanage. They had a very positive impact on me. I was just a child when I met many people from the foundation who played with me, football more than anything! They brought me gifts, they gave us freshly made pizzas or hamburgers, it was like spending a weekend with your family.

During the years I was there I didn't have to worry about food, water, electricity, or rent. I had everything I needed, I could go to school with new backpacks and uniforms. After school, I had all afternoon to play soccer with the other children at our home. I made friends that I am still in contact with today, friends who were also in the home, and from the United States whom I met through the foundation. I really do not regret having lived in a home.

I studied Accounting and Finance in university because since high school I realized that I was good with numbers and finances. I knew this career would help me have a better life. After leaving the home, CDV helped me and my siblings in an incredible way. They looked for us, and they told us that they still wanted to help with our education. From there they took care of all our school-related expenses like uniforms, school fees, backpacks, books, and transportation, and they also brought us food pantries and cleaning supplies. They also helped when we had large expenses that we could not pay like an event at school, a trip, graduation, even dental visits, etc. Once I entered the University they helped me get my US Visitor's Visa to travel and get to know the United States.

"My life today is good thanks to God and Corazón de Vida, I can now take care of myself and my family." -Isac

I work at Toyota Motor of Mexico. In my free time, I like mountain biking Down Hill and Enduro. If I could describe Corazon de Vida in one word, it would be LOVE. To the donors, thank you very much for all the help you gave me when I needed it most. “The seed that you are planting at some point is going to bear fruit and you will be proud to see those fruits that you sowed.”


Leandro on

Wonderful sorry Isac and so happy for you. Como mexicano me siento muy orgulloso de todo tu esfuerzo.

Almendra on

Hola Isac,
Sientete muy orgulloso de ti por el viaje que has recorrido! Muchisimas felicidades por todos tus logros! Me da gusto saber que CDV fue parte critica para tu crecimiento y preparacion! Gracias a Dios todo esto es posible! Mucho exito!


It was truly my pleasure to meet Martha and her family before CCOVID. People from my work helped build a home for the family and the love shown was and is beyond any payment needed. Isac Martinez rebuilt that house for his mom and sisters all the time working and going to school. Ivette went off to LA and married, one sister is living in LA too and the other stayed in Tecate raising her daughter and helping Martha. Corazon de Vida is the only non-profit I’ve seen that allows you to see the benefit of your contributions. Hilda and her husband have dedicated their lives to making productive healthy children from damaged backgrounds. GOD BLESS THEM!!

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