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Hi, my name is Jaqueline. This is my story. I entered the orphanage Casa Hogar EL REINO DE LOS NIÑOS as a 9-year old because my mother couldn’t care for me after my grandfather, my primary caregiver, passed away. After his death, my mother completely neglected me for a year, so I was referred to child protective services. 


My life changed radically for the better. At the orphanage, I was surrounded by people who showed me love and acceptance. Many children shared their experiences with me, I would certainly not have had that chance outside the orphanage. I look back on that stage of my life with great affection and gratitude. It was where I met my future adoptive mother.


I was adopted at the age of 14. My adoptive mother told me she couldn't afford to put me through college, so I told myself I would work hard to achieve it. Since then, I worked hard in different places to cover costs during high school. While in high school, a friend's family felt compassion for me and decided to support my university expenses if I got accepted. I made it to university and they provided support until the 5th semester (two and a half years). The support ended when my friend's father tried to abuse me by saying, “YOU THINK THINGS ARE GIVEN FOR FREE.” I knocked on the doors of Mexico’s National System for Integral Family Development since I wanted with all my might to succeed. They supported me for a year, lent me a house but didn't help me with food, and that meant that I couldn't do it alone. The nursing career does not allow you to work since the schedule is very difficult. As a result, I decided to abandon my dreams and start working so I could provide for myself.


Saddened, I went to drop out of school, halfway through my degree. I was crying in the library when a student came up to me and asked me what was wrong. After I explained my situation to her, she told me she knew Corazon de Vida and gave me their contact information. I was happy to get in touch and receive a response. I couldn't believe something this good was happening to me. They told me they would help me with housing, tuition,  food, EVERYTHING…..that was truly a gift from God.


I always knew I wanted to pursue nursing. At the age of 8, I became responsible for my grandfather in his last days. Without realizing that from that time on, I was already a nurse. Today, I am very lucky to work within my profession for one of the best-paid hospitals in Ensenada. I do what I am passionate about with love, and I'm going for more. I’m about to start a diploma program in pediatric emergencies.


I thank God for receiving this support. I am a person like many with a lot of needs and without family members to support me. Corazon de Vida is a great blessing. The donors who make this possible, forever mark the lives of people like me, who at the time people didn't give a single cent to. Now, I consider myself a successful person.

If I could describe the foundation in just one word it would be BLESSING. Thank you for all you do.

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