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Hi, my name is Lupita. This is my story. I entered an orphanage at the age of 5. I arrived in Tijuana from Guadalajara with my mother and two older sisters. My mother would often leave us home alone so she could go to work. She was a single parent without support, so she found it difficult to care for us. It was then she decided to put us in the orphanage’s care. My life in the orphanage was tough because I was too young to understand why I was there, but I later developed independence and empathy.


I met Corazon de Vida during one of their orphanage visits. They have impacted my life tremendously. My only father figure was and will be George (CDV's Baja Programs Director). The quality time that he has shown me is priceless, he is my angel, my light in the dark, he’s my father. CDV continued to help me after aging out of the orphanage. I would send my grades and could rest assured my school fees would be covered, I would have a roof over my head and food on my table. They only asked me to stay in school and avoid getting in trouble. Today, I still receive help from CDV in the form of love and warmth. They are very involved in my life, they are my family and always will be. 

Thanks to CDV I attended school and got a degree in psychology. Initially, I chose that career to focus on child psychology but ended up focusing on industrial psychology instead. Currently, I work at a small business company in Tijuana as a human resources supervisor.  I will forever be grateful for everything because I can honestly say that none of it would have been possible without CDV’s generosity. I am a single mom with a beautiful 3-year-old, a lovely job, and a sustainable lifestyle. In my free time, I love painting in watercolors, I have no idea what I am doing, but I enjoy it! I also love watching movies and spending time with my daughter. 

"I tell them the cycle is being broken." 

I want to say that I will be forever grateful to CDV and its supporters because they played a crucial role in my success. Every time I tell my story to people they feel pity for me and I tell them the cycle is being broken. I tell them about CDV and how my life changed since they entered my life, I ask them to not feel bad and to applaud my success, our success. I did not understand before but I do now and I know that I am not a person to feel pity for. I am a strong woman, a strong mother who had a tough life as a child and grew up in a different environment than any other child would but had the best of the results. 

I want to thank every one of the donors. We see Corazon de Vida, but I am sure there is a huge community behind everything they do. You are part of something truly magical. You may not be able to see each of us grow into our best version, but rest assured that there are marvelous stories to be told. Corazon de Vida cannot be defined in one word. They are hope, light, dreams, love, and health. With them on your side, you can be whoever you want to be, you just need to have clear ideas and a defined mindset, and the rest will be taken care of. 

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