Digital Learning Day is February 25 and this year's celebration is more meaningful than ever before!

Digital Learning Day is an online celebration of all the advancements in educational technology that improves learning experiences and the ability to access educational resources anytime, anywhere. The best part about digital learning is that it levels the playing field for students in challenged environments to access opportunities previously unavailable.

 We support well over 300 school children from kindergarten to college. For many of these children the dream of having an education seems so unrealistic due to their circumstances, and the closing of schools for in-person learning early last year seemed to give credence to their fears.  Fortunately, that did not stop us from finding a way to continue to support the education needs of the children.

The transition from in-person to digital learning has been challenging for all, but thanks to everyone’s support, it has been possible to provide a suitably equipped digital learning environment to further the children’s education. With your donations, we purchased desktop computers, laptops, chrome books, keyboards, tablets, and printers for the children to use during online classes.  It is inspiring to see the children engaging and learning in a virtual environment!

Our Corazón de Vida family sends a big thank you to everyone who has made that extra effort to support digital learning, from orphanage staff, volunteer teachers and donors. Together, we are transforming lives and keeping hope alive! Click HERE to support our Education program.