Life has a way of altering your journey in the most perfect way. As if by magic, my path crossed with Corazón de Vida’s children. I was always interested in finding ways to help victims of human trafficking, so when I moved to California I wanted nothing more than to serve in an organization that was making an impact in Tijuana – an international hub for human trafficking. In my search to make a difference, I found Corazón de Vida Foundation.  I understood that by providing a safe place for children to grow up in, Corazón de Vida was preventing them from falling into the claws of traffickers. I saw this as a proactive way to fight this problem, so I bought a ticket to visit the children in Tijuana with one of Corazón de Vida’s monthly trips. My life was forever changed.  

The first home I visited was El Faro orphanage. I think most first-time visitors would agree with me on how palpable the love and compassion emanating from volunteers is. Everyone is ready to give and receive love. And then you meet the children, and in the midst of hugs and smiles they look into your eyes trying to find the love and attention that they long so much for. From that day on, it was etched in my heart that an orphan child is everybody’s kid. 

My story with Corazón de Vida began as a volunteer. Luckily, it was not long before I was able to join the team in 2010. From day one, Corazón de Vida has been more than a job to me. It’s been my life’s purpose. I love arriving to work knowing that everything I do that day - even the smallest tasks - makes an impact in the lives of hundreds of vulnerable children. Everything we do has an unmeasurable value. This makes us work harder, and appreciate every moment, even the most difficult ones. I have gained a family at Corazón de Vida, which has also impacted my family by allowing us to serve. I know my children are better human beings today because they had the Corazon de Vida children in their lives. 

I am forever thankful for my Corazón de Vida team because they opened their hearts to let me in and allowed me to grow as a person with them. I am thankful for witnessing love in action every single day. Together, we are creating a better world for hundreds of children and there’s no better feeling in the world than that. Ready for the next ten years!