Hi! My name is Clarissa and this is my story. When I was 5 years old, my three siblings and I were placed in the orphanage system. Years later when I was close to turning 13, Corazon de Vida came to the orphanage I was living in, had lunch with us and took us out to the beach. Little did I know that from that point on they would become my biggest support and motivation in life.

When I turned 17 the orphanage where I was living was forced to shut down. I then had to become a mother for my two younger siblings and we had no where to go and no one to call. School was no longer an option for me as I needed to work in order to cover rent and all the other expenses to provide my siblings the stability they needed. I was full of responsibilities, overwhelmed and frustrated. I was too young to understand how to deal with the pressure of being an adult and no role model to follow.

I had lost contact with CDV until one day they found me on social media. They offered to help me any way possible. I was very interested in beauty and cosmetics so they offered to pay for a 3-year Cosmetology program. I had enough on my plate as I was supporting my family and I knew that committing to complete this certification was going to require a lot of effort, but I was certain I didn't want to work at the local convenience store for the rest of my life. I wanted to create something of my own and I wanted to succeed at it. I owed that to myself.

When I got my certification as a Cosmetologist I began working as a makeup artist and applying acrylic nails in a beauty salon and spa. Not only was I doing what I loved but I felt motivated to expand my knowledge. I decided to get an additional certification in skincare and massages. The gates to success were wide open and opportunities started coming my way! People were reaching out to me for massages and facials and I started having a regular stream of customers.

A few years later, Corazon de Vida and a close friend motivated me to open up a spa of my own. I was so scared of failure but eager to grow as much as possible. At the end of the day if you don't risk anything you risk everything, right? I partnered up with my friend and we opened up our spa in Ensenada. We offer massages, acrylic nails, eyelashes, facials, pedicures, and manicures for both female and male clientele. I'm my own boss now and a business owner! I also get called from other beauty salons when they need my help. I have become so good at what I love doing that my previous employers still call me!

I want to thank each one of the donors who make the work of Corazon de Vida possible. There is no doubt that the donations you make are being well used. The sky is the limit and you have given us the wings to reach it!!

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