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Hi, our names are Matt and Alexis and this is our Corazon de Vida love story! Matt has been involved with Corazon de Vida for 9 years. He was inspired by the movie Nacho Libre. After watching the movie he knew he wanted to work with children in an orphanage in Mexico. This began his research and he found CDV. I’ve been involved for 6 years, I was inspired by a prior mission trip to Africa to do more work closer to home. We met on a bus trip in October 2017. We were both there with our kids and were mostly interacting with the children at the home.

Alexis: Matt’s big personality stood out to me the most, especially with the kids. He’s like a celebrity to the kids! But when he spoke with me that day, he was so sweet and sincere. And of course, he’s cute. Matt: I noticed how natural and caring Alexis was with the children. I didn’t think anything romantic at the time but definitely acknowledged her beauty and kindness. We talked briefly at the home and connected on social media a few months later when Corazon da Vida posted about people who had raised a certain amount and our names were on there.  Matt sent me a friend request and we hit it off right away.


As a couple, we have traveled all over. We love road trips, hiking around national parks; seeking waterfalls and incredible views. Cities with museums and great food. Exploring different countries and their unique cultures. We also love concerts and live sporting events. 

We are happy to announce we are getting married in September! Matt proposed at the church near Oaxaca where Nacho Libre was filmed, so we came full circle!

CDV: Congratulations to the happy couple! Matt & Alexis also enjoy visiting the children as often as they can and they are part of our Heart Angel’s community as monthly donors. For their wedding, they have generously decided to fundraise for Corazon de Vida in lieu of gifts! Their love has created a space for giving that truly warms our hearts!

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