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Hello, my name is Eliza, this is my story. My siblings and I arrived at an orphanage when I was 6 years old because of family dysfunction. I met Corazon de Vida over 14 years ago while living at the orphanage. They provided help with my early schooling as a young girl and they continued to follow up with me about my future university plans. 

Corazon de Vida helped me long after I left the orphanage and supported my higher education. Since I love studying laws and the structure that contributes to my country, Mexico, I obtained a law degree. I now work in the area of Immigration Law, and I am also a criminal and tax litigator, but more dedicated to that area of immigration. A year ago, I began the process of practicing in the area of lawful migration so I can better serve Mexico and the United States. I hope to create an immigration law firm in the future.

The word 'thank you' falls short in conveying my gratitude to donors who have contributed to my success, Corazon de Vida is truly part of my family. They have raised me with a lot of guidance and love, and they have been a blessing in my life for many years.


Darlene Zamora on

Hello Eliza,. Thank you for sharing your life story. My heart goes out to anyone who was raised without their parents. 👣….Out of natural human unconditionall love and compassion for my fellow human beings, I will say that I now consider you, Eliza, to be my honorary family….🙏🏼….You have my email, msg if you ever want to talk…✨

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