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Hi, my name is Griselda, this is my story.  My sister and I entered the orphanage when I was 8 years old.  At that time, we did not understand why we had to leave our home and go to an orphanage.  Later I understood that we were fleeing an abusive situation at home. The orphanage offered my mother work and she accepted. She dedicated 10 years of her life to taking care of babies. My sister and I were placed with the other children. My life in the orphanage was the greatest thing I could ever imagine. Obviously, when I arrived, everything was very confusing and I wanted to be with my mother, but as time went by, I adapted to my new life. 

Corazon de Vida has been supporting the orphanage since 1994, but I was already out of the orphanage and in university when I first connected directly with Corazon de Vida. At the time, I was working to fund my school and housing in Ensenada, and I was having a hard time covering all expenses. I was not sure if I was going to be able to continue with school.  A fellow student and friend from the orphanage told me about Corazon de Vida’s scholarship program, she suggested I send them an email.  I was honestly afraid they would not answer me, afraid they would tell me they could not help me. I sent the email and a week later I got a response from them, fortunately, I received the scholarship!

Corazon de Vida’s support made a big impact on my ability to continue and complete my university degree. Their commitment to our success shows up in everything they do for us, their unconditional support, their way of taking care of us, protecting us, and teaching us there is always something better for each of us even if we don't see it.  They give without receiving anything in return, well, yes... they receive our love, trust, and gratitude. 

I earned a degree in Business Administration. I am currently working at the Center for Scientific Research and Higher Education CICESE of Ensenada. I have been working at this center for two years and I really like what I do!  I provide administrative support to the Marine Ecology Postgraduate program coordinator and researchers. In my free time, I enjoy exercising, reading, and discovering new coffee shops. I have a peaceful life!

I believe God always puts people in your path for a reason. The foundation is more than a home, it’s a breath of hope and strength. Infinite thanks to each of the donors who support the foundation and make many children's dreams come true.  May God continue to bless you so that you can continue to support the foundation and children as you have done to this day. 


Paul Hinds on

Great story about your success with the help Corazon de Vida. I have been helping them over the past 20 years.

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