If there was ever a “Silver Lining” to this pandemic, it has to be the world of opportunities that have opened up for the children through the exponential advances in access to virtual technology. The abrupt move to remote learning last year had us go into high gear ensuring that the orphanages had the required technology so the children could participate in distance learning via zoom and other platforms. The orphanages all upgraded to high-speed internet (the best possible for each of their areas) and we provided laptops, desktops, chrome books, printers and other equipment as needed for the children’s learning. 

Now that the orphanages are more technologically set-up, new opportunities to help the children have been made available. Here are some of the activities going on at the homes:

  • Virtual Karate Lessons – the special needs residents at Rancho de Los Niños are participating in virtual Karate Lessons with Sensei Tamara Canedo. She provides Karate training for children and adults with various disabilities. Sensei Tamara is happy to report that all students have been promoted to yellow belt!
  • Virtual Math and English tutoring – some of our university students are currently being tutored by members of the GiveLight Foundation. They are reporting a great improvement in Math and English!
  • Virtual Speech Therapy Sessions – our amazing volunteers from Speaking from The Heart have been providing Speech Therapy at the orphanages for over 8 years. Unable to continue their in-person visits and sessions this past year, they have transitioned to providing Virtual Therapy Sessions and the kids could not be happier!

These are amazing learning activities that were not possible before and they are  great for the kids and for those looking to support their development. Thank you for your love and unwavering support of our mission!